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Exercise and Practice

Guitar Challenge: Insane Bending Exercises

In this article Kyle Smitchens explores as many aspects of bending as he can in one sitting. How many ways can one person bend on a guitar? Find out here.
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Bat Out of Hell 2

Weekly Guitar Challenge: Meatloaf – I’d Do Anything For Love

This week we look at the Meat Loaf hit "I'd Do Anything For Love" by songwriter Jim Steinman. So what can learning this song do for you? Find out here.
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Cryptopsy - Whisper Supremacy

Weekly Guitar Challenge: Cryptopsy – Cold Hate, Warm Blood

During Cryptopsy's career the band has set the bar in speed, intensity, and complexity. Here we present the song "Cold Hate, Warm Blood" as a challenge.
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Van Halen

Weekly Song Challenge: Van Halen – Runnin’ With the Devil

This week we recommend a song from one of the most influential of guitarists rock has ever come to know. That would be Van Halen's Runnin' With the Devil.
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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny

Weekly Guitar Challenge: Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Lenny”

For this week's challenge, we're looking at Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Lenny". It's a great song to learn to polish up on your slides, hammer ons and general mojo!
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Metallica - The Shortest Straw

Weekly Song Challenge: Metallica – The Shortest Straw

Back for another thrilling installment of the Guitar-Muse weekly challenge we've laid down Metallica's "The Shortest Straw" as the next song to learn.
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Dominic Miller

Weekly Guitar Challenge: I’m So Happy, I Can’t Stop Crying

Our challenge this week is a great Sting song: I'm So Happy, I can't Stop Crying - it'll challenge you in a few ways - give it a try!
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Nail Multiple Guitar Skills at Once with This Simple Exercise

Sometimes you have to tweak your practice routine to keep it interesting. Here Kyle Smitchens seeks to practice several techniques in one exercise.
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The Art of Learning

Ear Training On The Guitar

We're in the music industry here. The sense that gets the most use is our sense of hearing. With that in mind if you were to develop any individual skill the greatest asset to you could add to any musical endeavor is a well trained ear. While I'm writing this with a bias towards learning on guitar it is a skill that knows no boundaries and can be translated to any circumstance, even an instrument-free one.
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Reggae Rhythm Guitar Exercise

3 Fun Guitar Exercises to Perfect Your Timing

For this article I've picked out three fun exercises you can try and each of them target weaknesses that I frequently encounter with many of my intermediate guitar students' rhythm playing.
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