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Guitar Notes From The Underground: eX-Girl

In today's Guitar Notes From The Underground, we're featuring an act that showcases some serious right brain musical creativity in lieu of speed driven chops.
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Orange Amp - Hybrid Micro Terror

A Tube Primer for Guitarists, Part Three: Hybrid Amps

In this installment, we're talking about hybrid amps. We're also going to challenge you to hear the difference between amps.
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Guitar Amplifier Tubes Glowing

A Tube Primer For Guitarists – Part Two

Last time, we looked at the details behind the sound of tubes. This time, we're looking at cost of tube amps and maintenance.
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Guitar Tube Schematic

A Tube Primer for Guitarists: Part One

How do vacuum tubes really work? How do they provide the sound they do? Do they need maintenance? How long do they last? Why do they cost so much?
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Jimi Hendrix People Hell and Angels

Guitar Lesson On Hendrix’s New Track: “Somewhere”

In this lesson/style survey, we’re going to take a look at some of the guitar work from the track “Somewhere” from Hendix's forthcoming album.
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A 101 On Tablature

Tablature is a means to aid in learning to play a song by laying out the neck of a guitar with lines representing strings and jotting numbers down all across it to show which fret should be hit on which string at what time. That's the simple explanation. Tablature, or tabs, can be kept as simple as that or with the aid of symbols can sometimes become a viable alternative to sheet music.
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Special Holiday Price For Complete Set Of Guitar Books Written By Staff Writer Scott Collins

When he isn’t interviewing players or manufacturers (or writing about other people’s books), Guitar-Muse staff writer Scott Collins has been generating a series of books based on his unique fretboard visualization technique. In preparation for an official release date in January of the printed editions, Scott is selling a bundle of 3 books through his website for a limited time at the reduced rate.
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9 Music Business Books Every Guitarist Needs To Read (If Not Own)

For those of you in bands or aspiring to make a career on your own, developing your music business chops are just as important (and some would say even more so) than your musical chops.
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For Your Musical Book Shelf: 7 Books For Learning and Self Discovery

Previously, I talked about 13 "jazz" books that every guitarist should own, but since many guitarists focus extraordinary effort in developing the technical elements of playing and performing, I want to focus this post on a smaller number of books that address the deeper issues involved in music making in general, learning and self discovery.
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Steve Vai - Martian Love Secrets

Learn Steve Vai’s Martian Love Secrets

Martian Love Secrets is a technical guide, but not the kind that you would expect from a player like Vai, whose reputation is intensely built on technique. Instead, this series mostly deals with harnessing all your technical knowledge and your own life experience to create art.
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