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Dick Dale

Guitar Challenge: What Can You Learn From Dick Dale’s Misirlou?

Nicholas Tozier presents the challenge of learning Dick Dale's "Misirlou". What can any budding guitarist take home from this song? Find out here.
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An Arduous Practice Session

A Simple Tip For Learning Guitar Fundamentals (Even When Practice is Boring)

Nicholas Tozier gives us a bit of insight on what to do when boredom meets the guitar, and how to change your perspective to keep yourself motivated.
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What Repetitive Strain Hand Injuries Are, Some Hand Stretching Exercises For Guitarists

Guitarists are extremely susceptible to hand injuries, find out what causes them and how to avoid them, with some hand stretching exercises.
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A Guitarist

Have You Mastered All 21 of These Essential Guitar Skills?

Nicholas Tozier discusses the many fundamentals that set the foundation for any guitarist, be it a novice or a veteran. Do you have these skills mastered?
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Tube Distortion

A Tube Primer for Guitarists: Part Four – Tube Distortion

In this, the fourth part of our tube primer series, Doug talks about tube distortion. What it is, where it comes from, and how sweet it can be.
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Practicing Guitar

7 Deliberate Practice Tips That All Guitarists Should Know

Nicholas Tozier discusses a handful of practice tips that set the bar for improving your technique, songwriting, and overall development as a guitarist.
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Compression and Distortion

Turn Distortion into Overdrive with a Compressor

In this guide Kyle Smitchens discusses how to use a compressor to go from distortion to overdrive and back with a distortion pedal and a guitar volume knob.
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Guitar Handlers

Travelling With Your Guitar – Some Tips

Some basic tips on flying the friendly skies with your guitar - without regrets
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Shy Guitar Girl

Playing Guitar in Public: Getting Past Your Insecurities

If you have always dreamed of playing guitar professionally, it’s time that you get out there and do it. Don’t worry about your insecurities.
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Coors: The Banquet Guitar Slide

How to Dominate the Guitar One Beer at a Time

Nicholas Tozier offers his perspective on building a healthy practice routine for the guitar while dangling a beer in front of your face for motivation.
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