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Samoth Emperor Zyklon Scum Rhythm Guitarist

Why Rhythm Guitar is the Creative Backbone of Any Band

Nicholas Tozier talks turkey about what it is to be a rhythm guitarist and how a good rhythm guitarist can be every bit as coveted as a good lead guitarist.
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A Rhythmic Ear Training Lesson With Steve Vai’s “Velorum”

The solo section in Steve Vai’s "Velorum" is a great opportunity to slide in a little rhythmic ear-training /transcription lesson. I’ll demonstrate a way to break down and notate the rhythm that can be adapted to any tune.
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A major 4s-16ths Guitar Scales

Rhythmic Brain Teasers: Fun with Scales and Metronomes

Yup, you read the title of this article correctly. I used the word “fun” along with the words “scale” and “metronome”. I think it is possible to have some fun with scale practice, it just takes a little imagination. If you find yourself getting a little bored with your scale practice, you can try some of these rhythmic brain teasers to keep things interesting.
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Paul Gilbert Lesson

Paul Gilbert Teaches Rhythm And Melody Trade Offs

Check it out. We're bringing this video of a Paul Gilbert lesson into the limelight because we are of the mutual opinion that he's really good at articulating aspects of the guitar well into words and giving an appropriate demonstration.
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