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E Melodic Minor one string

Melodic Minor Pentatonic Lesson

How to create some cool sounds with only a small change to patterns that you probably already know.
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Making Sense Of The Pentatonic Minor Scale

In this Lesson, you'll learn how to visualize the Pentatonic Minor scale across the fretboard so you can play it in any position.
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Tab For Licks 1-4

8 Octopus Licks: Fresh Guitar Scale Ideas With Wide Scales

This lesson is based upon the idea that if we create wider scale boxes, then we’ll get more interesting intervals and sounds.
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A Lesson On Getting Out With Twelve-Tone Patterns

A quick and dirty recipe for generating 12-tone sounds using ingredients you already have at home.
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Blues Guitar

Minor Keys: Use and Understand Part 2

Adam Pietrykowski schools us and discusses practical applications for minor harmonies for the guitar in Minor Keys: Use and Understand Part 2.
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Guitar Hand

Minor Keys: Use and Understanding Part 1

Sad to the Bone Minor keys are awesome. They sound dark and dramatic, and many musicians over the centuries have made great music with them. They’re also kind of a hassle to figure out. As I promised in a previous post, we’re going to delve into minor scale harmonization and their harmonic areas. If you […]
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Modes Guitar Neck

Why You Don’t Sound as Modal as You’d Like

The concept seems to elude many guitarists - at all levels. A question I often hear is “I've memorized all the modes. Now how do I apply them?”
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Modes Part 2: The Feelings Modes Evoke

In the article Modes: An Introduction For The Ages I had discussed the fundamentals of what defined something as a mode, but I skimmed right over the sounds and feelings each mode can evoke. Ultimately when it comes to music you can talk and talk about the principles all day long, but it doesn't matter if you never hear any music out of it, so that's just what we're going to do here.
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Modes: An Introduction For The Ages

If you develop a good understanding of modes it really maximizes the number of emotions you can tap into from just one scale. If you have ever spent any amount of time committing the major scale to memory then the hardest part of the work is done because all of those scale forms you use remain the same.
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Min Pentatonic Scale

A Tangent On Pentatonic Scales

The pentatonic scale has had a huge impact on how people look at the guitar and there is far from a shortage of opinions on the beloved scale flooding the internet. So join me in my attempt to make the scale seem as accessible as possible.
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