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Guitar Neck
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11 Challenging Guitar Songs To Learn To Expand Your Style

Some of you that have read my other articles know that I’m always seeking ways to grow as a guitarist, expand my style, do something different, or break out of the box.
One of the best ways to do this is to learn songs for a different reason than you normally would.

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John Petrucci – Rock Discipline DVD
Lessons Tips Top 11s

11 Guitar Books / DVDs To Help Avoid Guitar Monotony

11 Guitar Books and DVDs to help you avoid monotony in your playing, learn something new, or break out of a rut in your playing style.

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Guitar Humbucker Pickup
Editorial Top 11s

11 Innovations That Changed The Guitar Forever

The guitar certainly has come a long way, with improvements that we now take for granted. Here’s our list of the Top 11 Innovations that changed the guitar forever.
Some things on this list may seem obvious – and they may be now, but upon their arrival on the guitar scene they were innovative, new, and amazing, and we’re still enjoying a much changed instrument thanks to these great ideas.

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Zakk Wylde Dunlop Strings
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Top 11 Bands That Became Brands

Some artists and bands make great music, play concerts, and just march on merrily in that direction for the whole of their careers.
Others – take it a step further, into television shows, merchandise, even movies.
Technically a band or artist is a brand in itself, but some have taken the idea much further.

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Steve Vai
Artist Spotlights Top 11s

You Have To Steve It To Believe It

What’s in a name? Could it be that there is some cosmic power that brings out great guitar players when they are named Steve? If you think about it, a lot of famous guitarists are named Steve. Or it could be that Steve just happened to be a popular name about 45/55 years ago?
Whatever the reason may be, it makes for an fun topic.

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Rock Cover Band
Guitar News Top 11s

Top 11 Overplayed Cover Songs

Today it seems that the cover bands, at least in my area, all play the same stuff. There is a ton great Top 40 hits to choose from, yet bands stick to a short list of tired, worn out tunes. I’m tired of playing them, and I’m definitely tired of hearing them.

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Gus G
Artist Spotlights Top 11s

11 Guitarists and Their Unique Styles That Give Them “That Extra Push”

With so many top ten lists out there with the same old names on them, we wanted to focus on the new generation of players. They come from a broad range of styles and backgrounds. They are all “11”s and are listed in no particular order. We know there are many phenomenal guitarists that could make any list, this just happens to be ours.

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Guitar Writers Block
Composing Lessons Top 11s

11 Ideas to Beat Guitar Writers Block

Read Time 3 Minutes It’s happened to all of us – you’re inspired to play, maybe write a song – you go down to wherever it is that you play, you set up, tune up, warm up, and then … crickets. The more you think about it the more horrifying it becomes, and the madness […]

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