Charvel Custom Jackson Legacy Blood Guitar

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Charvel Custom Blood Spatter Guitar
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Halloween Guitar Series #4

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Todays guitar of the day for the Halloween Guitar Series is a Charvel Custom Second Edition Legacy.

She’s dressed up as – well – a bloody mess!

I went looking for something specifically blood covered for todays feature, and found many blood spattered guitars, but this one caught my eye because it looks the most real.

I guess after watching a few seasons of “Dexter”, my opinions on blood spatter have become a bit more discerning.

This guitar was originally made in the 1980’s and according to the auction, this guitar was returned and had many complaints of being too “vulgar” to have on the sales floor.

It certainly fits for the Halloween Guitar Series however!

The bloody guitar comes with an Alder body, maple neck, brass bridge, Gotoh vintage crown tuners, Seymour Duncan SH4 pickups, and includes a hardshell case, mainly so you don’t get arrested on the way to the gig.

Possible explanations for the mess:

  • Guitar tech got tired of the guitarist’s crap
  • Guitarist got tired of the guitar tech’s crap
  • Was used in a band with Axl Rose, guitarist got tired of Axl’s crap
  • Stage dive gone wrong
  • Cutting hands with Vai
  • Rough day at Charvel
  • It was the guitar Bryan Adams played in ’69
  • Ted Nugent found out Al Gore invented the internet and his head exploded
  • Probably the most likely – the guitar was too boring when it was plain white.
All in all – if you like guitars, and you like blood – this guitar is right up your alley.
Charvel has actually reissued this monster, with slightly different – design of the blood spatter, but the same effect. Blood just looks great on a pure white guitar. And it must be a bunch of fun for the guys down at Charvel to do the spatter painting. The new ones retail for around $1,900 which isn’t a terrible deal considering that you get a hand painted guitar along with a certificate that’s signed by Mike Shannon, Todd Krause, Mike Eldred, and Grover Jackson, all who worked for Charvel in the early days and played a part in the reproduction of the guitar.

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