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Fender Cabronita Black

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The Telecaster

The Telecaster is over sixty years old. Do you know what that means? That means my grandparents are the only people in my family that can say they remember when the Telecaster first came out. However considering their expressed disinterest in guitar music they’d in all likelihood ask “what the ding dong heck a ma doodle hell is a Telecaster?” Ok, so they’d probably articulate themselves a bit more like a citizen of planet Earth, but still. Over sixty years.

The Tele was among the first solid body guitars and it was Fender’s sole flagship model for a few years before the Stratocaster showed up. Hell it was mass produced in bulk while the Strat was still in diapers, but that’s a whole different discussion. This discussion is about Fender’s Tele-bration line and the guitars that inspired it.

62 Telecaster

Fender Telebration 62 White
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The 62 Telecaster is an obvious homage to… well… the 62 Telecaster (I guess studying aeronautical engineering wasn’t needed for that). It was a model released just over ten years after the Tele first hit the stores and by then it had established itself well in the market.

It’s quite true to the original in its use of rosewood for the fretboard with a maple neck and an alder body. The vintage style Tele bridge reflects the top-loaded style of the generation as do the two 62 Tele Custom single-coil pickups.

The 62 Telecaster comes in Olympic White and comes packaged with an MSRP of $2,699.99.

75 Telecaster

Fender Telebration 75 Natural

While it’s not chronologically next in line after the 62 Tele, the 75 Tele fearlessly ventured into new territories, and the world was a better place for it. The 75 Tele substitutes the traditional alder with ash as the body with a maple neck and fretboard with black block inlays. The bridge uses a 62 Tele Custom single-coil pickup while the neck holsters a Wide Range humbucker.

The 75 Telecaster is available in a natural finish with an MSRP of $2,499.99 until otherwise noted.

Cabronita Telecasters

Fender Cabronita Black
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The Cabronita is the third released in what will be a set of twelve guitars total in the Tele-bration series. It uses alder for the body and maple for the neck and fretboard. It uses a hard-tail bridge with strings that load through the body to the Deluxe Staggered tuners. The pickups are both TV Jones Filtertrons congrolled by a three-way switch and one master volume.

Unlike the other two models already released it does not herald a specific year as its roots, but rather previous Teles dubbed with the Cabronita name. In an attempt to add color to the article I’d done a lot of research to add to what Cabronita means, but I was met with inconsistency in the results, but the overall consensus is I’m probably not old enough to say some of the things it can represent. I don’t speak Spanish – so I can’t verify that though.

The Cabronita is available in three different colors including White Blonde at an MSRP of $899.99 or the three-color sunburst or black for $799.99.

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