Check Out The Pigtronix Echolution 3

Pigtronix Echolution 3

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The first line on Pigtronix’s site says what it is best:

Echolution 3 is a multi-tap stereo modulation delay offering a myriad of sound design options including reverse, jump, pong, modulation tempo sync, variable low pass filter, flexible signal routing and comprehensive MIDI control.

– Pigtronix

One cool thing right out of the box is that an initial and a secondary delay tap can be set, and one of your options is to use the “Golden Ratio” as the multiplier for the second one.

We’ve looked at the Golden Ratio before, and it can provide some interesting guitar sounds, and thoughts.

There is also a stereo ping pong effect, where the different delay taps modulate from side to side each time it repeats. You’ve got 4 preset slots you can store your creations in, so you can always dial that magic back at any time.

The Knobs

Pigtronix Echolution 3

Time: This will set the length of the delay. Also, it will override the tap tempo. You can select your sub-divisions with the smaller push button. Also , you can activate any two sub-divisions at the same time.

Mix: Typical wet / dry setting.

Repeats: Allows you to set the amount of regeneration in the delay. 

Mod: Allows you to select and set the modulation Tone, Depth, and Speed. You can also hold push button to sync up the speed to tap to the tempo.

Preset Select: Allows you to toggle ( push it ) through presets, and select (push and hold). You can save a preset after making your changes, just press and hold. You can toggle your presets and select them using only the footswitches.

Special FX: You can switch the delay line to go backwards (with Reverse). With Jump you can make the delay jump up one extra octave. Pong (just push and hold) makes the echoes to modulate between the right and left channels, for a super cool stereo effect.

The Back Of The Unit

Pigtronix Echolution 3 Rear View

Two ins, two outs, and a remote. USB, a TRS / Midi selector, and the standard 9V connector.

The Effect

According to Pigtronix, this pedal is going to pretty much drift you into a universal lull full of color and light and happiness. And if we know anything about Pigtronix, this isn’t hard to believe.

Where To Buy

You’re currently looking at your local (or web based) Guitar Center, and Sweetwater to pick this baby up, as far as national retailers go. However, if you want to find one closer to you, Pigtronix does supply us with a handy dealer locator.

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