Coming to Namm: Fender Super Champ Amp Head And Cabinet

Fender Superchamp Amp And Cabinet

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Fender Super Champ Amp Head And Cabinet

The development team at Fender’s homestead in Arizona have been busy indeed designing the newest installment in Fender’s amp catalog.  The Fender Super Champ X2, the Super Champ X2 head (or as I like to call them the face-rotisserie oven because they going to melt your face), and the SC112 enclosure all of which are soon to be released and available like a metaphorical fist coming to a face near you.

The Super Champ X2 Amp.

Fender Superchamp Amp And Cabinet
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The Super Champ X2 clocks in at a wicked 15 watts of dual-6V6 tube enforced amplification and it spits the signal out through a Fender Special Design 10″ speaker.  The Super Champ is hardly a behind the curve with its voicing knob that lets you skim through 16 different amp model types, some of which include tweed, blackface, British, and metal for starters.  On top of that you get a separate effects knob at your disposal permitting you to switch between 15 different effects including delay, vibratone, chorus, and tremolo and for maximum effect control you get a designated effect level knob so you can have a delicately tasteful hint of chorus in the back of your tone or you can mire your signal with phase so people won’t notice that you just missed that beat.

In addition you have two channels you can switch from with a footswitch jack available for convenience, tap tempo controls to affect the rates or speeds of your modulation, delay, and other effects, 1/4″ output, and USB output for digital recording.  Other more expected features include channel specific and master volume controls, gain, and equalizer controls.  The combo amp measures 9.2″ x 17.5″ x 15″ and clocks in at 24 pounds.  The MSRP price is $399 to $499.

The Super Champ X2 head offers the same controls and options only minus the built in speaker and while it’s a match made in heaven with the SC112 cab it is compatible with any other 8 Ohm cabinets.  The head measures 8.5″ x 17.5″ x 8″ and weighs 18.5 pounds and holds an MSRP price of $399.

To make the Super Champ X2 experience even better both the combo amp and the head are fully compatible with Fender’s FUSE digital amp and pedal modeling software so you can plug into a computer, tweak your digital pedal chain and amp to your heart’s content, turn your amps to the walls, crank them, and give your neighbors a demonstration as to why such volumes at 2:00 AM is socially unacceptable.

The SC112 is a simple box with but one 12″ Celestion G12P-80 speaker in a closed-back enclosure and offers a tight tone with more bass.  The dimensions are 9.156″ x 17.5″ x 17″ with a weight of 28 pounds and the MSRP price sits comfortably at $279.

Fender At NAMM

Fender will joyfully be demonstrating this brand spanking new amp at NAMM of course.  They will be located in halls 300 and 304 on level 3.  While they are there they will be having performances from blues guitarist Chuck Hall, country guitarist Hayley McLean, and a double team featuring Shawn Camp and Guthrie Trapp backed by bassist Dave Pomeroy on Thursday the 19th.  Friday the 20th will feature performances from Chuck Hall, Uh Huh Her, and Hayley McLean as well as autograph sessions from Eric Johnson and Alice Cooper.  On Saturday the 21st Chuck Hall will return for another performance followed later in the day by a performances from Carson and Kyle Brock and later an autograph session with Duff McKagan.  The event will wind down on Sunday with what should be a fun performance from the surf rockish group Slacktone.

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