Two Classic Cracked Mirror Guitars

Ibanez Iceman Cracked Mirror Guitar

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Paul Stanley’s Ibanez “Mirror Ball Iceman”
Ibanez Iceman Cracked Mirror Guitar
Ibanez Iceman Cracked Mirror Guitar

Created around 1979-1980, this guitar was specially made for Paul.

He wanted a guitar that would give off a dramatic effect when the stage lights hit the instrument. This work of art was painstakingly made by Jeff Hasselberger. He hand cut each piece of glass and put them together like a puzzle. What makes this guitar unique is that the glass was actually placed at slight angles so that the light would reflect off of each piece like a ‘Mirror Ball’.

In an interview with Guitar World Magazine, Paul stated that he had cut his arm on the guitar because there were still some sharp edges on the glass pieces that were not quite buffed out enough. Paul used the original guitar in 1979 -1980 and on his 1996 -1997 Kiss World Tour.

If you wish to have one these beauties, you can get yourself a version made by Ed Romans Custom Shop. Washburn also has a very close model you can purchase for around $1,300. If you want to spend ten times that amount check out Kamn Guitars replica:


Keith Urban’s Fender “Shattered Mirror” Telecaster

Shattered Mirror Telecaster Guitar
Shattered Mirror Telecaster Guitar

Inspired by the original, Keith Urban wanted something similar to Paul’s.

He hired the head of Fender Custom Guitar shops Yuriy Shishkov to make his famous “Shattered” Telecaster. After three months and 160 pieces of mirror, Shishkov is quoted telling Fender executives “If anyone will ask for another one like this, tell them it’s $100,000.”Keith was very pleased with the results.

It was important that the guitar not only look great but play great as well. Fender was sure to make an identical duplicate of the neck of the telecaster Keith had been using the last 20 years. So the guitar felt “beautiful” in his hands.

Nashville was hit with torrential flooding in 2010. Numerous musicians had stored their instruments and gear in a warehouse in Nashville. Keith’s “Shattered Mirror” Telecaster was one of the instruments in the warehouse. The storage area had become flooded and was under several feet of water for almost a week. Tragically the guitar had suffered severe water damage. Unfortunately, it had swelled up breaking the mirrors and warping the neck.

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