Custom Painted Fender Strat by Cathee “Cat” Clausen

Custom Painted Fender Strat

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Custom Painted Fender Strat
Custom Painted Fender Strat

Here is a Fender that would ensure that nobody owns a guitar like yours.

Its ’57 reissue Stratocaster – custom painted by Cathee “Cat” Clausen.

Cathee has painted roughly 20 guitars to date and this is the only Strat she has done.

It’s almost like the perfect storm when art meets art – a guitar which is used to make art in the form of music – also arguably art itself, combined with a painter’s interpretation – well it’s just alot of art in one place!

The coolest part about this guitar is how Cathee went about her guitar-painting project.

It seemed natural for me to create a collection of art guitars because music inspires me.
My intention with the collection was to step into and feel the vibration of sound and then create art that would support that energy.
I began this quest by creating a series of original oil paintings which featured guitars as their focal point. The collection sold well, but didn’t fulfill my dream. I explored further.
Soon I realized I could paint directly on the guitar body. I bought eight guitars and brought them to my studio. I loaded my CD player with discs. I placed the stereo speakers right on the foot of my easel so I could feel the sound vibration while I worked.

You can see more of Cathee’s work on her website, by going to the “Collections” page and clicking on the “guitars” link at the end of the text block. In addition, on the “Multimedia” page, there is a video of Cathee painting and designing the guitars.

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