D’Addario Launches New NYXL Guitar Strings

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Daddario NYXL Strings

Most pickers and strummers would probably agree that good quality tone begins with great strings. Perhaps nobody knows that better than the folks at D’Addario. After all, the company’s string making roots for fretted and bowed instruments goes back to 1680. Of course, when D’Addario has something to say, smart players listen. Right now, the buzz is all about the NYXL strings for electric guitar.

What’s so special about the NYXL strings? To start, D’Addario has reengineered the wire that was first used to build the Brooklyn Bridge. Talk about strength. By the way, the NYXL’s high carbon steel alloy strings are manufactured in New York. D’Addario’s factory and offices are located on Long Island, where the engineering and manufacturing are done onsite. Look closely and you will find a UPC code that resembles the Manhattan skyline. Put it all together and you get the idea where the “NY” in NYXL came from. But there is more.

Strings, Strength and Performance

Daddario NYXL StringsD’Addario touts the NYXLs as being “the next generation” of high performance guitar strings. According to the company, its strings “bend further” and “take greater abuse” yet still remain in tune and playable. Plus, the NYXL strings can stay correctly tuned longer. Side by side, NYXL strings have superior stability when compared to the usual nickel wounds. Are you listening blues disciples, metalists and contemporary shredders?

How does D’Addario do it? The answer is with rigorous and painstaking research. But that comes as no surprise, considering it’s D’Addario. The NYXL strings have been put through some meticulous “torture tests” in order to measure their breaking point, something that every axe slinger dreads on stage.

In an online test video, D’Addario’s experts bent three tuned NYXL treble E strings up to G sharp. Where other industry-standard strings broke, the NYXLs not only remained in one piece, they had enough resilience to keep on going. D’Addario has employed a “completely reinvented wire drawing process” and “revolutionary ‘fusion twist’ process for the plain steels.”

Sonically Speaking

NYXL strings have greater magnetic permeability, which means they act dynamically with electric guitar pick-ups. The nickel-plated string windings have magnetic properties that create a higher output. Not only that, the NYXLs offer better mid-range in the 1- 3.5 kHz frequency which translates to a more gnarly crunch without having to be louder.

What are others saying?

One comment about the NYXLs posted on the mylespaul.com forum states, “They feel like a 9.5 set which is kind of cool, since you get the mass of a 10.” On another site, one British string buyer wrote, “A dream to play, offering a balanced tension throughout.”

Packaging and Pricing

The matte black outer packaging of the NYXLs is distinctive, as well as earth friendly. Inside, the color coded strings stay clean by way of a vapor corrosion inhibitor package. D’Addario has everything covered, including the authenticity of their product. Just scan the QR code or enter the corresponding number online to confirm the strings are the real thing. If they are not, D’Addario will replace them with a set, on the house.

The NYXLs are currently offered as Nickel Wound Regular Light 10-46 gauge and Super Light 09-42. They have an MSRP of $19.99 USD.

The verdict is in. Do you wanna be heard more clearly? If you are looking for enhanced playability and tone, D’Addario’s NYXL electric guitar strings are the way to go.

Paul Wolfle

As a vintage and contemporary music enthusiast, guitars dominate Paul’s life. He plays slide in open tunings on a National Steel Tricone resonator and electric blues, in standard tuning, on an assortment of other instruments including his white Fender Stratocaster.

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