Day: February 14, 2011

Willie Nelson's Worn Trigger Guitar
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Trigger – Willie Nelson’s worn Martin N-20

Read Time 1 MinutesI’ve confessed my interest in beat up guitars in previous articles, I’m sure and this one sets the bar for beat up.  Willie Nelson‘s Martin N-20, which has been named Trigger after Roy Roger‘s horse.  What makes this guitar so special?  Take a look at it.  What doesn’t make it special?  Each […]

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Lesson 1: Intervals
Beginners Lessons

Guitar Lesson: Intervals Part 1

Read Time 1 MinutesI would like to take this brief moment to cordially invite you to partake in these video guitar lessons with which we, Guitar-Muse: The Muses of Guitar, have produced for your educational benefits.  So bust out your guitars, tune them up, and buckle your seat belts because we’re gonna talk turkey.  Today […]

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