Day: April 20, 2011

Guitar Chords Maj 7
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Get More Mileage Out of the Barre and Jazz Chords You Already Know

Movable chord forms are great because they allow you to play in any key by moving them up and down the fretboard.
“Movable” in this case just means “having no open strings.” If you know a movable major chord, you could use that one form to play G major, Ab major, C# major, etc. Learning one movable chord form–and how to use it–is better than memorizing ten open chords.

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Ibanez Iceman Cracked Mirror Guitar
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Two Classic Cracked Mirror Guitars

Read Time 2 MinutesPaul Stanley’s Ibanez “Mirror Ball Iceman” Created around 1979-1980, this guitar was specially made for Paul. He wanted a guitar that would give off a dramatic effect when the stage lights hit the instrument. This work of art was painstakingly made by Jeff Hasselberger. He hand cut each piece of glass and […]

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