Day: May 15, 2011

The Civil Wars Live SLC

The Difference between Recorded and Live Music is the Dose

Have you ever listened to a band’s album and been totally blown away only to be disappointed during their live performance? What about going to a show and seeing a band you’ve never heard of only to be caught off guard due to the heart and soul translated through the PA system into your ears? There’s a not only slight, but GIANT difference when it comes to live and recorded music.

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Rory Gallagher
Guitar News

Rory Gallagher’s Lost Album to be Released May 17th

It’s always a stunning and sad time when a music great leaves this earth.
First we’re stunned, then we bask in their music, as much as we can handle for a few days, but soon the realization sets in that we won’t be hearing anything new from this artist ever again – and the sense of loss doubles.
With Rory Gallagher, we’ve been lucky enough to get a few good albums since his death, and there’s another on the way.

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