Day: May 19, 2011

Pete Townshend
Guitar News

Pete Townshend Writing an Autobiography

Pete Townshend, the man famous for feedback, is now going to give us some feedback – on his own life.
He is (and has been since the 90’s) working on an autobiography which will be published in 2012 by HarperCollins.
It really is interesting – so many famous musicians writing about their lives, and Pete Townshend certainly has many stories to tell.

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Dean Markley Pro Mag Grand Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Dean Markley Acoustic Soundhole Pickup: The ProMag Grand

Finding the right acoustic guitar amplification for instruments without on board electronics is easier said than done. The Dean Markley ProMag Grand, a humbucking magnetic soundhole pickup, can provide a quick and uncomplicated option.

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