Day: June 4, 2011

Steve Vai and Joe Satriani
Guitar News

Satriani and Vai Combine Powers Again.

Welcome back to Guitar-Muse, everyone. What are we rapping about today? Steve Vai, of course, but to simulate variety we’re adding equal parts of Satch into the mix. What are they doing that’s so hot these days? Charity.
That’s right, the good-natured will to help another is piloting this ambitious plan to the stage in the name of helping their friend Cliff Cultreri pay for medical care.

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Jeff Healey
Artist Spotlights

Artist Spotlight: Jeff Healey

Here’s a spotlight on Jeff Healey highlighting his ability to overcome an incredible obstacle and for his great musical talent. Some killer video is included as well.
Norman Jeffrey “Jeff” Healey (March 25, 1966 – March 2, 2008)

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