Day: June 10, 2011

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Well wasn’t that fun for a quick out of the blue thing? We had quite a number of submissions, so that’s cool. We’d like to kick this off by giving our personal thanks for everyone’s submission.

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Robby Krieger
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Robby Krieger Gibson SG Anniversary Guitar

For psych-heads, Robby Krieger is a man who needs no introduction. The Doors guitarist defined a generation of acid rockers with a smooth, innovative, and highly technical style. Now, Gibson is giving you the opportunity to own Krieger’s guitar—okay, well, maybe not HIS guitar, but one that looks and sounds a hell of a lot like it.

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Head Explode

What Were They Thinking?

Music is a very subjective topic and it often amazes me how one person can hear something and praise it so highly, but the person next to him will inevitably perceive it as garbage.  However, there is something to be said about when you come across those gems that seemingly catch everyone off guard.

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