Day: August 4, 2011

Dweezil Zappa
Artist Spotlights Editorial

What’s Dweezil Been Getting Into?

Read Time 1 MinutesAs Dweezil Zappa tours around the world he takes snippets of various songs here and there and slaps them on his site for the sake of kind of documenting his tone and style over time.  In fact he’s on tour right now and just posted a few more solos which can be […]

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Tascam 2488 Neo

Four Tascam MultiTrack Recorders For Your Budget

Today we’re taking a look at stand-alone multi-track recorders. In previous articles we’ve covered getting your ideas recorded at home on your computer, but some folks don’t get along with computers, and it’s for those folks that they make the stand alone multitrack recorders.

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