Day: August 23, 2011

Featured Guitars

Hand Made USA Guitar Series #1: Campbell Nelsonic Electric Git-Box

Campbell American Guitars is a hand-building manufacturer that wields the powers of New England craftsmanship to sculpt stringed instruments of mass vibration. This Massachusettes-based company’s reputation for hand-building every part of every guitar that comes out with their name on it is mired in more praise than I could summarize here for you, so I’ll spare you the Google search. People love them.

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Line 6 Variax
Artist Spotlights Featured Guitars

Variax Talk: Interview With Rich Renken From Line 6

Read Time 10 Minutes Do you remember the Bond Electraglide’s “stepped” fret design or the Gittler guitar’s lack of a fingerboard? No?  You’re not alone. There’s a reason that Strats and Les Pauls continue to sell well in the guitar marketplace. Despite the music they sometimes play, by and large, guitarists are pretty conservative when […]

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