Day: August 29, 2011

Guitar News

Orianthi Joins Alice Cooper’s Band

Well it’s not shocking news – but it’s official now.
After some speculation and a great “School’s Out” jam on “American Idol” with Alice Cooper the two have decided that working together would be a good thing.

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Gibson Responds To The Third Degree After Federal Raid

Read Time 1 MinutesYep, the company that brought us a significant portion of our very favorite guitars, which in turn brought us some of our favorite music, is suffering from a bit of governmental poking and prodding. On Wednesday, federal agents paid a none too friendly visit to Gibson, raiding their factories in Nashville, and […]

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Fred Frith Plays Guitar With Chains
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Fred Frith’s Guitar Solos

If a spaceship full of the ghosts of aliens hovered overhead and scored silent films using their noncorporeal, extraterrestrial guitars, this would be the result.

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