Day: September 29, 2011

Line 6 DT25 Amp Family

The New Line 6 DT25 Amps Have Set Sail

Read Time 3 Minutes      We interrupt this boring report on something you probably wouldn’t care about anyway with breaking news. Line 6’s new line of DT25 amps are on their way to the retailers every which way and will be available in X amount of time to the general public. My windows just […]

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Chickenfoot III Album Cover

Chickenfoot III Review

I’m going to start this “review” off with a little bit of honesty. Back when Chickenfoot released their debut album I had heard a few songs off of it and was actually not really captivated by it, so I never pursued it past that and at that point I wasn’t writing for a guitar site so I thought “oh well.” Now I do write for a guitar site and in my hand is the new Chickenfoot album cleverly titled Chickenfoot III.

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