Day: January 20, 2012

Vox AC4HW1 Amp - Hand Wired - Front

From Namm: VOX Hand Wired AC4HW1 Mini Amp

Read Time 2 MinutesThe Vox Hand Wired Mini Amp VOX brings out the big guns in the form of a miniature combo amp. This miniature tube amp is the newest addition to VOX’s Hand Wired series clocking in at 4 watts that it uses to belt all of your guitar playing out through the lone […]

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PRS 2012 Orianthi Signature
Guitar News

Namm: New Signature Paul Reed Smith Models

Read Time 2 MinutesNew Models for Orianthi, Dave Navarro, Nick Catanese, and Chris Henderson Paul Reed Smith is showing off some new (and some improved) signature models at Namm this year, for artists like Orianthi, Dave Navarro, Nick Catanese and Chris Henderson. These are some pretty beautiful guitars, as you might have guessed – coming […]

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Fender VG 2 Strat
Featured Guitars

Namm: Fender VG Stratocaster and Fender GK-Ready Stratocaster Introduced

Read Time 2 MinutesNew At NAMM: Fender VG Stratocaster and Fender GK-Ready Stratocaster Looks like Fender is introducing not one, but two new models of the tried and true classic Stratocaster. What was once but an idea back in the 70s after the advent of Roland’s GR-500 guitar synth has now become a team up […]

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Peavey AT-200 Guitar With Auto Tune
Featured Guitars

NAMM 2012: The Peavey AT-200 Auto Tune Guitar

Read Time 2 MinutesPeavey Joins the Ranks With On-Board Software & Auto Tune Some of you probably remember The Smitchens’ infamous rant about Antares’ auto tune technology, but if you don’t or would like to be subjected to the experience again, you can find it right here. The Peavey AT-200 aims to fill a gap […]

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Taka Minamino
Artist Spotlights

Unsigned / Indie Spotlight – Taka Minamino’s Blood Rain

Taka Minamino, in summary, is a very technically proficient guitarist who has played with the likes of Derek Sherinian, Jeff Scott Soto, Jeff Bowders, and Tony Franklin. Born and raised in Japan, he’s been playing since he was 14 and has graduated from and since then taught at Musician’s Institute.

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