Day: January 24, 2012

2012 Mockingbird STQ
Guitar Image Galleries

Image Gallery: New B.C. Rich Guitars For 2012

An image gallery round up of all B.C. Rich 2012 non-signature guitars. The Warlock, Bich, Supreme, Bich ST, Pro X Bich, Bich DoubleNeck, and more.

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Eminence EJ1250 Guitar Speaker

From NAMM: The Eminence EJ1250 guitar speaker

Eminence, an industry leader in the manufacture of professional audio gear since 1966, has provided musical instrument loudspeakers for some of the finest electric guitar amplifiers in the world, including Fender. Now, legendary guitar whiz, vocalist and songwriter Eric Johnson, a noted Fender man, has joined with Eminence in producing a new guitar speaker, the Signature Series EJ1250.

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