Day: January 14, 2013

Jon Donias
Guitar News

Anthrax Names Guitarist To Replace Caggiano

Last week we brought you news about Rob Caggiano leaving Anthrax – and now Anthrax has already announced his replacement.

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Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Lessons Tips

Tremolo Springs: A Quest for Silence

Ever fidgeted with the whammy bar on your guitar only to be blown away by the screeching of springs? Well check here for some ideas to muffle those springs.

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American Strat

Whats New In Guitar Stores – Issue 3: Les Pauls, Epiphones, And Fenders

Well, guys, I am here to prove what I always say about playing a whole bunch of guitars before you buy and make your own decision about any particular guitar.

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