Day: April 15, 2013

Stephen Shareaux
Artist Spotlights

Former Kick Tracee Vocalist Recording New Album

Stephen Shareaux, one of the best voices from 90’s metal is back at it again – a new album is in the works.

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Ozzy in the studio
Guitar News

Black Sabbath: New Video, Upcoming Single, and Track Listing For 13

A digital single in a few days, a new track listing and a new video – Black Sabbath fans rejoice!

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He wasn't always that fast.
Beginners Lessons

Building Speed – Fast Ways to Play Faster

You know what makes the guitar fun? Speed. That’s why we have this article on tips to help you get as fast as possible as quickly as possible.

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Dillon Guitar DR-450
Featured Guitars

What’s New In Music Stores: Dillon Guitars, Fender Mustangs

Today, Doug is talking about Dillon Guitars, and Fender Mustang Amps.

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