Dean Exhibition Series: Acoustic Guitars Built For Electric Enthusiasts

Dean Exhibition Acoustic Electric Guitar

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“Our technology-licensing program has already created a buzz in the music world, as Dean Guitars has launched the first-ever line of musical instruments with Aphex circuitry built-in.”Aphex website

Dean Exhibition Acoustic Electric Guitar
Dean’s Exhibition Acoustic

Have you ever hammered out a familiar electric guitar riff on an acoustic box, just to hear how it would sound? Sometimes, issues like body design and playability, amplification, string resonance and bass response can make the change from electric to acoustic a bit problematic.

When hollow body electrics just won’t fit the bill, why not try the Dean Exhibition Series of acoustic guitars? They were designed precisely for electric disciples.

The Exhibition Series offers added playability and power, plus some strong sonic capabilities, not to mention a handsome finish, all packed into one acoustic guitar. But wait, there’s more.

Good for Shredders, Thrashers and Others Looking for a Change

Though Dean Guitars, founded in 1976, has been known to be the instrument of choice for famous electric head bangers, à la the late Dimebag Darrell and current metallist extraordinaire Dave Mustaine, classic shredders and thrashers should also check out the company’s acoustic Exhibition Series.

Other artists, including blues musicians, will find the Exhibition favorable for, among other things, trilling, string bends, hammer-ons and pull-offs. Keep in mind, as with most guitars, acoustic or electric, the potential of Dean’s Exhibition Series is probably limited only by a player’s talent.

What Makes The Exhibition Different from Other Acoustic Guitars?

The Exhibition’s thin body, cut-away bout and slim neck provide increased comfort over traditional acoustics. The Dean website declares, “This is the perfect acoustic guitar for electric guitarists, offering you a well balanced body design and all the pro features you need.”

In the past, Fender® electric guitars took over the world by using a contoured body profile. Dean applied a similar concept to its Exhibition Series and voila! The Dean thin body acoustic was created. Needless to say, the Exhibition is not as deep between top and back as other acoustic guitars; as a result, it can be hugged closer to the human body, comparable to an electric.

What’s more, the lower bout of the Exhibition is cut away, allowing for ample reach above the twelfth fret, a must for soloing. In addition, the series is outfitted with a set mahogany slim D-shaped neck, 1-11/16″ wide at the NuBone nut.

Other Special Features Cause The Exhibition to Be Unique

How many acoustic guitars are geared up in the factory with onboard electronics that include an aural exciter? What’s an aural exciter?

Dean Exhibition Acoustic Electric Guitar
The Exhibition in faded denim.

In its simplest definition, an aural exciter is an effect which boosts the guitar signal by adding small amounts of distortion before it reaches the amplifier. That distortion is most effective at treble and bass ranges. Seeing how the Exhibition Series is equipped with an Aphex® Aural Exciter®, which includes Big Bottom® circuitry, it seems Dean has everything covered, both at the high and low ends.

What can an aural exciter do? According to Aphex®, its product can provide “increased presence and clarity, greater perceived loudness, improved detail, extended low frequencies” and “tighter bass articulation.”

About The Specifications

Besides its 25-1/4″ scale, standard on the Dean Exhibition Series is an Ebony fingerboard, pearl diamond fret markers, Grover tuners, preamp with tuner and the Aphex® Aural Exciter® with Big Bottom® circuitry. Also there is the distinctive Dean headstock, logo and saddle.

Visual Appeal

The Exhibition is available with quilted ash, flamed maple or mahogany top and body. Finishes include faded denim, Trans red, Tiger’s eye, gloss natural, black natural and satin natural.

How Much Does It Cost?

Online, the Exhibition Series sells for about $400 at a number of retailers.

Considering the creative possibilities of a Dean Exhibition Series acoustic guitar, its price tag is extremely reasonable. Let’s hope they continue to be readily available.

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