Despite Parkinsons, Michael J. Fox Can Still Play Guitar

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Proof That Michael J. Fox Rocks

Here within the deep recesses of this article is absolute, undeniable, irrefutable, factual proof that Michael J. Fox is awesome.  Just last Saturday, the 12th, Michael J. Fox took to the stage of the Waldorf Astoria Ballroom in New York City, clad in a modest suit and tie, armed with a Gibson semi-hollow guitar (I can’t tell the exact model and I’m not about to BS anyone) and reprised the iconic performance of Johnny B. Goode from Back to the Future.

In fact here’s a video of the performance.  Heads up, it has its rough moments, but it’s still cool enough.

Of course as I’d commented earlier this isn’t the first time Fox has been caught playing Johnny B. Goode.  Way back in in the 80s Fox had picked up a guitar for the purposes of Back to the Future three times, one of which was for a brief, obviously dubbed performance of “The Power of Love” and another being Johnny B. Goode, which was actually performed by him.  Or rather I shouldn’t say the recording was necessarily him, but he did have a guitar instructor and learned how to play everything we saw him perform.

Nowadays he can still jam, and while Parkinson’s may have a bit of say in his performance overall he still had the groove and soul needed to bring it all to life.  Though he modestly passed on the chance to dip into any tapping, playing behind his head, sliding around on the floor, or kicking over of any amps.  While the novelty may have been great, I think that it’s understandable for many reasons why that action would be passed up.

Michael J Fox Playing Guitar with Joan Jett
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The performance was not solely for kicks and giggles, though.  Michael J. Fox’s ambitious search for a potential cure for Parkinson’s disease has hardly been a secret.  Quite removed from that, actually.  It was all in the name of the fund raising event Something Funny Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s.  He as also accompanied by several actors, comedians, and an extra performance of Light of Day by Joan Jett from the 87 movie of the same title which she shared the screen with Fox as well.

That’s all just the tip of the iceberg.  The gesture and performance offers something anyone can take home with them.  Certainly I cannot readily speak for everyone, though I’m willing to bet I’m not alone in saying the performance is great for more reasons than just the novelty of seeing Marty McFly jamming away.

Rather I find the performance an excellent demonstration of what makes the human race so great.  Of all the residents of planet Earth I can think of only one species I know of (granted I don’t know every species out there, but work with me here) includes individuals that would willingly hop up on stage with a physical disability that can potentially throw your sense of rhythm off and rock away anyway for the sake of a greater cause.

I don’t typically strive to turn simple news coverage into tangents of opinion, but in a case like this I find there’s a demonstration of perseverance and courage on display that any of us can learn from.

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