D&H Stainless Steel Guitar – Coming to NAMM 2012

D&H Stainless Flying V Guitar

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How do you make the most metal guitar out there even more metal?

Make it out of metal of course. And that’s just what the miracle workers of the San Diego based D&H Guitars have done. It’s not every day you hear about a company that hand crafts guitars out of stainless steel and perhaps that is D&H’s greatest advantage. They are but one of the few.

Images of the D&H Stainless V Guitar

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At the moment there is only one model available, as I have alluded to in the introduction paragraph. The Flying V. The poster child of guitar models used in heavy metal. So not only does it look like a weapon, but it’s also better suited to be used as a weapon because the durability of steel is much greater than wood and because it’s stainless steel cleaning concerns are much more simplified.*

*Guitar-Muse does not endorse using musical instruments as a means of fulfilling hostile actions or really hostile actions of any kind.

Wait. I’ve seen metal guitars before…

While a metal body instrument is not the newest of innovations what sets this apart is that the whole instrument is one big piece of 304B stainless steel save for the ebony fretboard. As seen in the pictures the neck and body are all one piece much like a neck-thru guitar and the body itself being hollow offers greater resonance and sustain. The neck is also plenty stronger than a piece of maple or mahogany and is by extension much more suited to resist the tension of the strings eliminating the need for a truss rod.

Ok. So it’s metal. What else is there?

While the material is the most attention grabbing other aspects have been considered with plenty of attention as well. The headstock is loaded with Sperzel locking tuners, a GraphTech black Tusq nut, and a Schaller Hannes bridge. At the moment there are two alternatives for pickups between a set of EMG JH humbuckers or a set of EMG ZW humbuckers. And for that extra bit of shiny zing to match the glistening body the inlays are made of sterling silver.

Where oh where can I see more of this?

I’m glad you asked. D&H will actually be set up and displaying the stainless steel V at the upcoming NAMM Show in January. More specifically on Thursday and Friday, January 19th and 20th a certain Dustin Thompson and John Cruz are slated to demonstrate the Stainless Steel V for all the world to hear. Or at least all who end up in Hall D.

For some additional pictures and a few other details regarding the Stainless Steel V, including some rather deep testimonials (by my standards), you can swing by stainlessguitars.com. If you’ve been eying the calendar for NAMM or are curious of what else is to come you could swing by NAMM.org and see for yourself. Or you could wait for us to open our big mouths again. Doesn’t matter to us because we’re going to anyway whether you like it or not.

Jameson: “The ‘expletive’ end”

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