Digitech RP355 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Digitech RP355 Guitar Effects Pedal

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Digitech RP355 Guitar Effects Pedal
Digitech RP355 Guitar Effects Pedal

For Christmas, I got this great little pedal from my great little Santa-Wife.

The first thing I noticed as I unpacked it was how complex it looks. Don’t worry, however, after only 20 minutes playing around with it, I figured out pretty much how everything works.

Sounds and Quality:

The sounds are great, it comes with “126 Amps, Cabinets, Stompboxes, and Effects.”

The sound quality is also very good and very quiet. When you mute the guitar, it shuts up. Roll back the volume, no extra noise.

I even plugged it into my traditionally noisy Stratocaster, and it was the same.

The sounds are very accurate to what they are shooting for with each preset.

The Back Panel

  • Of course you have one guitar jack input.
  • You have two outputs (also 1/4 inch) for mono or sterio output.
  • There is a selector switch which tells the box if you are going into an amp or a mixer.
  • Headphone Jack
  • Aux in (Ipod Jams!)
  • Another left and right out with XLR plugs, and an associated amp/mixer selector switch.
  • USB! If your a computer recording geek like me, this is exciting. It serves as its own USB sound interface when you plug it into your computer. Also there is software to make new effect/sound combinations on your computer (download, not on the CD). I did note some latency using it as its own interface in Cubase (included) as well as Sonar. I ended up just plugging it into my mixer and going through my M-Audio card on the computer.
  • The power cord. And – honestly, I still haven’t found the power button. So for me the cord is the power button right now. It does not power off when you unplug the input like most pedals.


Guitar Pedals come with software now, how cool is that?

You don’t need any software to have your computer recognize it as a recording interface, as long as your computer is fairly recent.

You get Cubase LE with it. I personally never liked Cubase, but this is a big value add anyway. I prefer Sonar, but theres plenty of folks who dig Cubase.

Also you can download software from Digitech to make cool new sounds and send them to the unit.

The Manual

Its just about right. Its not so small that it leaves you scratching your head – nor is it gonna fling “War and Peace” off the see-saw. I recommend reading it, even to those of you who learn by tinkering. Theres some good nuggets of wisdom in there.

The Expression Pedal

This serves as your Wah, Whammy, and Volume, depending on the preset, or how you have it set up. I found it pretty dang sensitive. I’ve read that this is adjustable, but haven’t figured out yet how. I guess it really doesn’t bother me that much.

The Looper

This isn’t a feature that I would personally use … well, except the hour I spent playing with it. Its fun. You can record a 45 second loop, and then with a tap of a pedal, play it back and play along with the loop.


Overall this is a great little pedal. I know our image of the unit – while enlargeable doesnt provide enough detail to see all the labels and settings on this unit, but check out zZounds where they have graciously provided a 1.6 Megabyte mammoth picture that you can scroll all over and see all the detail.

They’ve got some “B Stock” Ones at $159 or new ones at $199. B Stock is apparently units that have been used for demos and such, and comes with all gear and manual.

You also get a pretty basic drum machine, and of course a tuner.


The bit of criticism I have is on the reverb, and it aint even really that bad. I just found it hard to dial in a reverb sound I really liked. Of course I never was a big fan of reverb, and always have it set very low. So I might be biased. In fact, most multi effects units I have used (other than Alesis) I have had problems with their reverb. I’m a reverb Nazi.


I love this pedal. The sounds (I wish I had the space here to list them all) are excellent, and if they aren’t you can change and tweak them. I am pretty sure I will be enjoying this pedal for years to come.


You can get it here at zZounds for between $159 and $199 as of Jan 2, 2011. Thats pretty much the standard price around, but zZounds does provide free shipping and if you find it cheaper they’ll work with you on it.

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