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New Digitech Whammy Pedal

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The Legacy Of The Whammy

Fans of whammy pedals may begin rejoicing with unrestrained enthusiasm. The DigiTech Whammy pedal had first been released way back in the late 80s and very quickly became a household name in the pedal community. The number of famous guitarists that have made the Whammy a staple to their pedal chain alone has solidified this pedal’s place in guitar history.

Since its origin the Whammy has had several incarnations over the years and with DigiTech’s next installment of the Whammy coming out in the month of June – there will be three separate Whammy pedals available. We’re going to slap them all side by side and see what to expect from each of them. For the sake of conversation this is limited to just the pedals still available.

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DigiTech Whammy IV

This is the model that set the standards upon which the future models were built. The pedal has been used by countless guitarists and heard on even greater a number of songs. Gilmour, Satch, Vai, Hammett, Jack White, The Edge, Dethklok, you name it. It has 4 whammy options plus a dive bomb effect, detuning options, and 9 harmony options.  This pedal will most likely cease to be when the new model hits shelves so get yours today while supplies last.

DigiTech Whammy DT

The Whammy DT is a beefed up model and then some. It offers a total of 9 options plus the same dive bomb and detuning features, as well as the 9 harmony options. Some of the newer features include the Momentary switch that aids you in getting more of a hammer-on and pull-off sound. The tuner has been elaborated on in greater detail. With this pedal you can shift the pitch up and down up to an octave in either direction.

DigiTech Whammy (New)

The upcoming successor to the Whammy IV is on its way and is slated for release in early June. When it comes out guitarists everywhere will have access to the 9 whammy options found in the DT, the 9 harmony options, dive bomb, and detuning. The newest feature in this model is the Classic/Chord switch. In Classic mode you can use the Whammy pedal like any other Whammy pedal, but in Chord mode there is greater emphasis on using the pedal while playing chords while abolishing that wretched warbley sound that makes you wonder why you spent so long tuning your guitar to begin with.

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