DiMarzio Gravity Storms Set For Release

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A Gravity Storm Encroaches

DiMarzio has been working non-stop through many a restless night to appease a certain Steve Vai in the development of his new, soon to be released humbuckers, the Gravity Storm set. The new pickups were code named after the song of the same name on Vai’s upcoming new album The Story of Light.

The Gravity Storm Pickups

Suffice to say Vai’s tastes are ever evolving and the Gravity Storms marks the next phase his ongoing journey. The neck model, more formally known as the DP252, embraces a warmer, fatter humbucker/single-coil hybrid sound. The bridge model, known as the DP253 outside of its crime fighting vigilante side, bolsters more output and seeks to minimize the need to tweak to get a good sound. Both models of the Gravity Storm are set for release on August 15th with a suggested price of $115.

Previously on Signature Pickups

Anyone that’s observed Vai’s comings and goings for any length of time knows that he doesn’t let his sound get stagnant and he frequently updates his gear to keep things fresh. The Gravity Storm pickups are the newest addition to a whole laundry list of Vai signatures.

Vai’s signature pickup lines began a short eternity ago when he got his hands on the now famous Evo JEM loaded with DiMarzio Evolution pickups that bolstered a thick and loud sound. They were later refined into the Evo 2 model that simply put updated the response giving more leeway for dynamics and more response to volume settings. Fast forwarding to the future Vai set out to get a sound that contrasted more with the Evolutions and thus the Breed was conceived to knock a bit of the edge off. All of these pickups have played an integral role in shaping Vai’s tone in the past and because of them the age of the Gravity Storm has commenced and it can be experienced in all its glory on The Story of Light.

What Else is Vai Doing?

Vai’s album The Story of Light’s release is just around the corner on the 14th of this month. Shortly after that Vai’s hitting the road for a nation-wide tour. If that hasn’t been enough to satiate your Vai needs then feel free to check out our interview with Vai or our review of the Story of Light.

What is a Gravity Storm Anyway?

If you’ll pardon the moment of side tracking as I’ve been writing this I began asking myself, “just what is a gravity storm anyway?” As the name implies it would be a storm of some sort, so what kind of storm? Thunder storm? If that’s the case then it would presumably be raining sources of gravitational pull. I can only imagine that would be the most chaotic of storms. On top of that per laws of physics it would have to be raining matter with enough mass to have a strong enough resisting pull against the planet we reside on and said matter would have to be incredibly small by comparison otherwise it would just be planetary impact and not really a storm… unless a few hundred planets started raining down at once. I doubt many would survive to tell their grand kids about that storm.

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