Dream Theater: Live at Luna Park and New Album Music

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Dream Theater

So Dream Theater’s had a lot going on recently what with all this buildup for their upcoming self-titled album set for release in just a bit better than two weeks. The group’s been sparingly releasing a detail here and a nugget of info there to satiate the world’s aching need for more Dream Theater. Among those details released are the song “Along for the Ride” as well as info on a live performance set for release in theaters.

Live at Luna Park

Live at LunaWhile anticipation builds as Dream Theater’s twelfth album teeters on the cusp of release, there is more excitement to look forward to soon after. Come September 19th the 160 minute concert film will be available for observation in theaters. The performance was filmed over two days in Buenos Aires, Argentina in promotion of the then new album A Dramatic Turn of Events.

Live at Luna Park features the first tour where the band performed with new drummer Mike Mangini. In November the performance will be available on DVD and Blu-ray and will be littered with bonus features. A deluxe edition will be available that includes a 60 page hardback photobook holding the Blu-ray/DVDs as well as three deluxe-exclusive CDs. The bonus features offer six tracks (listed below) not included in the main set, a documentary, behind the scenes features, and more.  You can get more info at SpectiCast.

The Live at Luna Park Track Listing:

1) Bridges In The Sky
2) 6:00
3) The Dark Eternal Night
4) This Is The Life
5) The Root Of All Evil
6) Lost Not Forgotten
7) Drum Solo
8) A Fortune In Lies
9) The Silent Man
10) Beneath The Surface
11) Outcry
12) Piano Solo
13) Surrounded
14) On The Backs Of Angels
15) War Inside My Head
16) The Test That Stumped Them All
17) Guitar Solo
18) The Spirit Carries On
19) Breaking All Illusions
20) Metropolis Pt. 1
Bonus Tracks
1) “These Walls”
2) “Build Me Up, Break Me Down”
3) “Caught In A Web”
4) “Wait For Sleep”
5) “Far From Heaven”
6) “Pull Me Under”

Along for the Ride

Dream Theater“Along for the Ride” is the second song that’s been released, following “The Enemy Inside” and ultimately totaling 11 minutes of music from the album. Coincidentally that’s half the length of the longest song on the album.

On the meaning behind the song John Petrucci has commented that it’s about how all sorts of events shape the world we live in, yet so many of us have no control over any of it. As the song title points out we’re all simply along for the ride.

The song is quite down to earth, though strong and powerful as it builds momentum. Some excellent and articulate riffs can be heard from all musicians, especially Petrucci, Rudess, and Mangini who had full creative control of the drums this time around. Check it out.

Just as a quick reminder here’s the track listing for Dream Theater:

1. False Awakening Suite
1. Sleep Paralys
2. Night Terrors
3. Lucid Dream
2. The Enemy Inside
3. The Looking Glass
4. Enigma Machine
5. The Bigger Picture
6. Behind the Veil
7. Surrender to Reason
8. Along for the Ride
9. Illumination Theory
1. Paradoxe de la Lumiere Noire
2. Live, Die, Kill
3. The Embracing Circle
4. The Pursuit of Truth
5. Surrender, Trust, & Passion

After the album’s release is all said and done the band will be spending their time finalizing preparations for a world tour named after the recently released song set to begin in January in Europe. Though not all tour dates and details on additional legs of the tour have yet to be announced.


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