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Eastwood Guitar

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A Bit About Eastwood First

Let’s take a moment to look at Eastwood guitars for a few minutes. Eastwood is a company just over a decade old (founded in 2001) that specializes in making guitars as vintage as possible in an era all about pushing forward as quickly as possible. Of course their guitars do use modern technology, we’re a bit past the 60s after all, but it’s all utilized to attain as accurate a vintage sound and style as possible. Curiously enough the more the company pushes itself forward the more it delves into the past to bring light to the guitars forgotten by most save for likeminded fans of vintage guitars.

After a decade of development Eastwood now offers over forty different guitar models, nine basses, and ten different miscellaneous instruments including dobros, lefty instruments, lap guitars, and ukeleles.

Hi-Flyer Phase 4

The Phase 4 Hi-Flyer is actually a replica of the Univox Hi-Flier guitar that ran from 1968 for just shy of a decade ending in 1977. Its design is not actually an attempt to replicate any one of Univox’s versions, but rather to amalgamate the best parts of each into one guitar. That guitar is the Hi-Flyer Phase 4.

The Phase 4 Specs

The Phase 4 is built out of basswood with a maple neck with either a maple fretboard with dot inlays or a rosewood fretboard with block inlays available. It uses a set of Phase 4 open humbuckers accompanied by a three-way switch with a master tone and volume knobs. The bridge is a Mintech three-way adjustable wrap-around hardtail model (hell of a model name) and comes in one glorious shade of white.

Airline 59 Coronado

Eastwood GuitarEastwood’s Airline 59 Coronado was designed in respect to the Supro Coronado guitar. The original version uses Res-O-Glas (or as I like to call it fiberglass), though Eastwood took some liberties in regards to materials used for the body as well as a few other details here and there.

The Airline 59 Specs

The Airline 59 swapped out the fiberglass for a chambered mahogany body with a bound maple bolt-on neck and a rosewood fretboard. It uses a pair of Alnico Hot-10 humbuckers with a three-way switch decorated with a vintage switchplate properly accented by pairs of designated volume and tone knobs. The tuners are Grover style and the bridge is a Bigsby tremolo. The guitar’s body is smothered in either white or metallic blue paint.

Sidejack VI Bass

Inspired by the Mosrite instruments of the 1960s Eastwood devised the Sidejack as a means to properly pay tribute to the instruments made famous by The Ventures. At the same time derives inspiration from Fender’s Bass VI model. It’s a six-string instrument tuned to standard E just like a guitar save for the octave difference.

Sidejack VI Specs

The Sidejack is built out of basswood with a bound maple set neck and rosewood fretboard with a sparkling set of dot inlays. The pickups are a set of Vintage EW P-90s with a three-way switch and a set of master tone and volume knobs. The tuners are Gotoh style and the bridge is a Pro Adjustable Roller Fender styled Tremolo. Not every day you see a six string bass with a whammy bar on it.

And Now… The Sale

So what’s happening here is MyRareGuitars.com is offering the three aforementioned instruments on eBay for a discounted price in what could only be described as a celebration of what’s been an indescribably hot summer coming to an end (verbose way of saying summer sale). Each instrument has a total of six available for purchase meaning eighteen people can walk away with something should they choose.

Airline 59 – Selling for $1,199

Hi-Flyer – Lefty only. Selling for $599

Sidejack VI – Selling for $649

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