Electro-Harmonix H.O.G. 2 Polyphonic Synthesizer Pedal

HOG 2 and Foot Control

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Introducing the Future of Polyphonic Synthesis

HOG 2 and Foot Control
HOG 2 and Foot Control

As Mike Matthews is inducted into Vintage Guitar Magazine’s Hall of Fame, the innovators at Electro-Harmonix have shown us why as they’ve been gearing up for Winter NAMM like anyone else, and with the clock ticking closer and closer they’ve released information just in time to wet our appetites for what we can expect to see at their booth. EHX has been known not only for their innovations with effects, but just how well their innovations turn out and this year they have remastered one of their older classics that has become a staple to their roster.

With that, please welcome the EHX H.O.G. 2 Polyphonic Synthesizer pedal.


The HOG 2 in Greater Detail

The HOG stands for “harmonic octave generator” and this new model builds upward from the shoulders of the original, now discontinued HOG. At its heart the HOG 2 is designed to generate several octaves, both up and down, as well as specific intervals including 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths. The envelope and filter controls allow you to alter the guitar’s sound and morph it into something more akin to an organ, maybe with a bit of a wah effect. But that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

HOG 2 Foot Control
HOG 2 Foot Control

The HOG 2 features all the capabilities of the original HOG plus some improvements.

For example the algorithms of each synthesized voice has been improved and permits freeze capturing, a trait that EHX has enjoyed exploring since their Freeze pedal was released. The quality of the voices comes through with booming clarity as well. The freeze mode includes glissando, independent attack, and decay controls. The Freeze feature is among the new features added to the already familiar Expression mode.

With Expression mode offers manual filter controls to bend the aforementioned wah effects to your will as well as the means to pull off some sweet +1/-1 octave bends, some 1 step pitch bends, and manual filter controls.

The HOG 2 includes full MIDI control with every parameter capable of being controlled via MIDI. This includes loading and storing presets, and speaking of presets, the new optional foot controller allows the user to skim through, store, and load up to 100 presets. As a generous way to scratch back the foot controller comes stock with a number of presets to give you a head start in hearing what the HOG 2 is capable of.

This pedal is also compatible with 9 volt DC/200mA center negative power supplies.

Pricing and Other Info


Retailer pricing is up in the air and official release dates are still unannounced, but EHX has released the list prices of both the HOG 2 and the foot controller. The HOG 2 sits at $634.94 and the foot controller is $181.26. Both prices are based off U.S. Currency.

The HOG 2 sure looks great on paper, but when it comes to guitar effect pedals hearing is believing, so for your benefit we’ve included an official EHX demonstration. You can hear the ethereal and majestic tonal qualities the HOG 2 can bestow upon your guitar.

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2 years ago

Hi! I wonder if I can use the HOG 2 with my Volca Fm and if there is anything that is important to know? Im totally new to this forums. Kind regards

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