EHX Neo Mistress Pedal Review

EHX Neo Mistress Pedal

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Here we’re taking a good, long, rock hard look at the Electro-Harmonix Neo Mistress flange pedal.  This scrumptious little device is one of EHX’s newest pedals and deep inside of this tiny little case is a nice, thick flange sound that will make you say “Hey.  This sounds pretty cool.”

Here’s the abridged version of the review.

There’s not a lot to the pedal. Two knobs, one for the rate of the flange and one for the feedback which controls a chorusey type texture.  The higher you turn the feedback the more present the texture is and thus the pedal begins a sort of self-oscillating effect and garners some pretty nifty harmonics.  Plus it sounds cool all around.  The pedal itself offers a nice, full flange sound, and it’s very simple to tweak and toy around with.  In short it’s a fun little gadget to tinker on.

EHX Neo Mistress Pedal
EHX Neo Mistress Pedal

The pedal’s durable, powered by a 9 volt battery or power supply, though to change it you’ll have to unscrew the back.  It doesn’t come with a power supply, however.  Being that it’s the nano line it does not have stereo output, so if you’re looking for that feature you’ll probably want to consider chipping in the extra dime.  Though the skewed features do make this pedal available for a much more affordable price.

[rating: 4] – Build Quality – 4
[rating: 5] – Sound Quality – 5
[rating: 4] – Features – 4
[rating: 5] – Ease of Use – 5

[rating:overall] – 4.75

Sound Clips
Flange demon by guitar-muse

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