Epiphone B.B. King Lucille Guitar

BB King Epiphone Lucille

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BB King Epiphone Lucille
BB King Epiphone Lucille

Ahhh, B.B. King.

Ahh, Lucille.

Such a breath of fresh air.

A match made in heaven if there ever was one, right?

The story behind Lucille begins in 1949, when B.B. King was playing at a dance hall in Arkansas, and a fight erupted at the bar.

The fight started a fire, and everyone evacuated the building.

Once outside, King realized he had left his guitar inside, and went back in after it.

King made it back out alive, but two others died in the fire. The next day, B.B. King found out that the fight was started when two men got into an argument over a girl named Lucille.

He named his guitar(s) Lucille after that, as a reminder to himself to never again do something as stupid as running back into a burning building after a guitar, or to fight over women.

King mainly played an ES-355, but it wasn’t until 1982 that Gibson released the B.B. King Lucille model.

He also gave a “Lucille” to Pope John Paul II, in 1997.

Right now, the Gibson Models run at almost $4,000, but thanks to Epiphone you can get it a bit cheaper. Well – until you’re the Pope, you’ll have to buy one.

She’s very similar to her Gibson big sister, and is made of maple, with a rosewood fingerboard.

You get the Stereo Varitone,  and the TP-6 Fine Tuning Tailpiece.



She’s beautiful, just like B.B.’s music, you’ll love her, but we know that B.B. would tell you to never fight over her, and never go into a burning building to save her.

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