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Les Paul Custom Pro

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Now in Pelham Blue

Epiphone’s been laboring away on more than just a new Thunderhorse. Coming in June of 2013 is the limited edition of TV Pelham Blue guitars. Epiphone was even nice enough to make one of each of their most famous models, so we’ll have a new Firebird, a Les Paul, an SG, an ES-355, an ES-339, and an even an EB-3 bass for the treble-free musicians out there. For your convenience we’ve plopped all five guitar models side by side to see what they have in common and what sets them apart from the others. The results might shock you… or they might not. It just sounds more dramatic to say they might… so be ready for anything.

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EB-3 Bass

Just to round things off and offer some insights on the EB-3. Its body and neck are both mahogany with a rosewood fretboard featuring Pearloid trapezoid inlays. It also uses a sloped Dovewing headstock with the vintage Epiphone logo and that stylish pineapple inlay. The electronics include two volume knobs, a master tone knob, and a three way toggle switch; and by those powers you can toy with the tone of the Mini Bass humbucker in the bridge position and the Sidewinder Bass humbucker in the neck position. As far as the hardware goes it uses premium open bass tuners and a three-point adjustable bridge. The EB-3 holds a price of $299.

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