Ernie Ball Coated Electric Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball 3121 Coated Electric Guitar Strings

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Ernie Ball’s Fix for Broken Strings and Dead Tone

Ernie Ball 3123 Coated Electric Guitar Strings
Ernie Ball 3123 Coated Electric Guitar Strings

I’m sure as a guitar player you’ve got your certain brand and make of strings that are a select choice for your guitar. Mine were DR’s, until I began playing out regularly. After about two to three shows, I’d always end up with a broken string. If I somehow got lucky, the strings were dead anyhow, and I had to pop on a new set. I battled this dilemma until a friend told me about the Ernie Ball 3123 Coated strings.

I can say that these strings have changed my playing, my sound, and actually saved me a lot of money. With a pricey MSRP of $9.99, the coated Ernie Balls are actually worth it. In the long run, I was spending $12 on two sets of strings every month.

Now, I only spend $10 on a set, and they’ll last me well over a month. I know that I’m not going to break during the show, so I play with more confidence, and have less to worry about.

My tone is always superb and bright thanks to the special coating that keeps these babies like the day I threw them on.

The strings introduce a Titanium Reinforced Technology that helps to reduce breakage. You’re thinking that sounds fancy, thinking how ever other string company claims to have some flamboyant technology in their strings that makes them better than the rest. Well, this is the real deal. You can keep these strings on your axe for two months, and odds are you won’t break a string. Now, not only do the strings stay near unbreakable, but they will keep their sound. Yes, with help of a special thin layer of enamel, the life of each string is extended beyond where most strings will deteriorate, become disgusting to the touch, and break.

If you’re like me, you have some of the most acidic sweat known to man. I’ve had guys who set up my instruments tell me how disgusting and acid-like the sweat on my guitars are. Don’t get me wrong, I clean my stuff, but where I can’t reach, corrosion happens, and the gunk shows. Everyone sweats a lot when they’re giving it 110%, but I realized that my sweat was actually the reason I was breaking so many strings as well as why my strings were dead. When I discovered these coated strings, it was as if the guitar gods heard my cry for help, invaded the dreams of some employee from Ernie Ball, and told them to make these coated strings.

Even if you don’t sweat like that, I know for a fact that your strings eventually lose that new string twang. With the Ernie Ball 3123 Coated Super Slinky strings, this isn’t going to happen. You will maintain your sound far beyond any other set of guitar strings. Give em’ a shot!


Steve Krantz is a music enthusiast that resides in Mount Pleasant, MI and plays guitar in the progressive punk quintet Day In Day Out.


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