Ernie Ball Leaks New John Petrucci Signature Guitar


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MajestyDream Theater guitarist John Petrucci’s signature Ernie Ball has gone through many incarnations since he first started working with the company. The various models have showcased a variety of woods, pickups, and paint finishes, but the overall design has been the same. That is until now.

Petrucci and Ernie Ball company have introduced a whole new model and design entitled the Majesty. A not so subtle reference to the band’s original name, this guitar goes a whole different direction. To say the least I can’t resist her feminine wiles.

The Majesty

The folks at Ernie Ball haven’t spoken up much about the specs yet. At first glance I thought the signature shield shape on the body was carbon fiber, but after doing a bit of old fashioned detective work I’d stumbled upon facts that it’s actually maple (stylistically fashioned with lasers to boot). Aside from that the guitar’s been bolstered at using revolutionary building techniques, and based off the pictures it doesn’t seem like a far stretch to say as much. Just looking at the guitar you can practically feel how smooth the neck is.

MajestyOne thing that’s been alluded to, but not divulged is the curious addition of a seemingly innocent switch added to the elongated wing. Since there’s already a switch by the tone knobs we can assume the pickup selector is already spoken for. Coil tapping has become popular, but usually that’s done with push/pull pots and not in such an odd location. Built-in effects? Some of the pictures show plastic tubes. Maybe it comes with a talk box built in. Hell, I don’t know.

You know what else hasn’t been mentioned? Prices. Perhaps I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, but John Petrucci guitars have been rather popular models – more models have been released than I care to count – so I don’t think it’s a far stretch to expect some variations to hit the shelves for the general public to try out. Given the look of things I’m inclined to think that the attention to detail will be well represented by any price that might get linked to this model.

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