New ESP Signature Guitars Part 3


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ESP Signature Prime Cuts Part 3

Alrighty. We’re now entering the third and final part of the whole new series of ESP signature guitars. Today we’re going to over analyze guitars for Whitechapel’s Alex Wade, Zach Householder, and Ben Savage, Suicide Silence’s Mark Heylmun, and Unearth’s Buz McGrath. By now you know the drill so let’s push forward and see what the expectations of the aforementioned guitarists look like.

Alex Wade’s LTD AW-7

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Batter up. Alex Wade of Whitechapel. His new signature LTD AW-7 is a 7-string guitar with a mahogany body and a flamed maple top with a maple neck that showcases neck-through construction, and atop the neck is an ebony fretboard. Wedged into the headstock is a set of ESP locking tuners and down at the base of the body is a run of the mill fixed bridge that loads the strings in through the body. Finally we come to the pickups. Right in there is a pair of Dimarzio D-Activator humbuckers. All of this smothered in a thick layer of blood red sunburst for the finish.

Ben Savage’s LTD BS-7

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Following Wade we’ve got the second guitarist of Whitechapel, Ben Savage and his signature LTD BS-7 7-string guitar. This guitar is built out of alder with a flamed maple top and includes a neck-through maple neck with a maple fretboard. The BS-7 utilizes ESP locking tuners and a Floyd Rose 1000 series tremolo. The pickups are both Dimarzio humbuckers, but are of differing models. In the neck position is a LiquiFire 7 and at the bridge is a Crunchlab 7. For all the SPF needs this guitar has a see-through black finished gently rubbed in.

Zach Householder’s LTD ZH-7

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Here we have the third Whitechapel guitarist Zach Householder’s signature LTD ZH-7 7-stringer up for discussion. The ZH-7 is built with a mahogany body with a quilted maple top and a neck-through maple neck bound to an ebony fretboard. The headstock is fitted with ESP locking tuners and the bridge is a TonePros locking TOM bridge. On the side of the pickups there is a pair of EMG active humbuckers. At the bridge there is an 81-7 and at the neck is a 707. For that zing of style this one has a see-through black satin finish.

Mark Heylmun’s LTD MKH-7

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This next word is intended to be screamed out loud as loudly as possible. Next! Ok. Back to normal. Here we have Suicide Silence’s Mark Heylmun’s newest LTD MKH-7 7-string guitar. Here we have a guitar that is built out of mahogany with with a maple neck that likes to strut its neck-through construction like it owns the place and holsters an ebony fretboard that means business. It’s tailored to fit a set of ESP lokcing tuners and a TonePros locking TOM bridge and tailpiece. Delicately crammed in the body is a pair of EMG humbuckers. In the bridge position is an 81-7 and up by the neck is a 707. The finish is a simple, but satisfying black satin.

Buz McGrath’s LTD BUZ-7

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As the ESP signature guitar trilogy of articles winds down we now bring ourselves to Buz McGrath of Unearth’s new guitar. The LTD BUZ-7 7-stringer. Here we have an alder body fitted by the powers of neck-through construction with a maple neck and fretboard. Up in the headstock is a set of Grover tuners and on the other end is a Floyd Rose 1000 series tremolo. In the body is a pair of EMG 707 humbuckers, and because sound uses style as its means of making things sound good this guitar properly utilizes a snow white sunburst finish.

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