ESP’s New Signature Guitars Part 2

ESP RZK-II Burnt Guitar

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ESP Signature Prime Cuts Part 2

Earlier, we showed you Kirk Hammet and Jeff Hanneman’s new ESP signature guitars, but Kirk and Jeff aren’t the only renowned guitarists to embrace new signature models from ESP.

Today we’re gonna observe in great detail guitars customized according to the requirements of such guitarists as Anthrax’s Rob Caggiano, Rammstein’s Richard Z, Queensryche’s Michael Wilton, and more. Sounds like a zany overdose of excitement, doesn’t it? You may want to consult your family doctor for advice on how much exposure you can withstand.

Rob Caggiano’s Signature Guitars

ESP Rob Caggiano

Rob Caggiano ESP STP Guitar
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What better way to name a signature guitar than to flat out name it after yourself? No silly model abbreviations, extra letters or numbers. Nope. This guitar is the ESP Rob Caggiano. This guitar has an ash body with a bolt-on maple neck. The all chrome hardware comes in the form of Sperzel locking tuners, Dunlop Flushmount straplocks, and a TonePros Locking TOM bridge and tailpiece. The neck is blank save for the inlay at the 12th fret and the side markers that glow in the dark. On the side of the pickups there are two Dimarzio humbuckers. There is an RC Custom in the bridge position and an Air Norton up by the neck and it’s all wrapped up in a lush see-through purple finish.

LTD RC-600

ESP RC-600 STP Guitar
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The LTD RC-600 is just a slightly modified version of the ESP variation. Ash body and maple bolt-on neck. Rosewood fretboard with the custom inlay and the glow in the dark markers. The TonePros locking TOM bridge and tailpiece join the Dunlop Flushmount straplocks in their return, though this model features ESP locking tuners. However the Dimarzio RC Custom and the Air Norton also return in their respective positions and it’s all glazed over with regality from the see-through purple.

Richard Z’s Signature Guitar


ESP RZK-II Burnt Guitar
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Richard Z of the German industrial group Rammstein has had a guitar developed that can be used every bit as a guitar as it can a battering ram.* The RZK-II is an Eclipse style guitar built out of alder with a mahogany neck utilizing neck-through construction and it’s topped off with a rosewood fretboard. The hardware, which is all chrome for your information, includes Gotoh tuners and a Floyd Rose Original tremolo. The RZK-II also abuses a pair of EMG 81 humbuckers to brazenly get its point across. The finish is a custom distressed and burnt style.

*I’ve had the crappy idea to compare a guitar to a battering ram on hold for a while now. The timing is coincidence, though this seems like an appropriate time to showcase the shallow and unfulfilling reserves of my humor.

Michael Wilton’s Signature Guitar


ESP MW-DC1E Acoustic Guitar
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Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton embraces a new acoustic guitar. The LTD MW-DC1E to be precise. This guitar is built with spalted maple for the top, sides, and back, that is kept company by the mahogany set neck and the rosewood fretboard. It is fitted with a bone nut, ESP tuners, and a rosewood bridge. To make an already snazzy guitar even snazzier is the B-Band electret film transducer pickup. The electret film transducer is a small and sensitive and commands a sound not unlike a condenser microphone. The pickup is accompanied by a B-Band T-55 4-band preamp and onboard tuner as well and features an XLR output.

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