Fender, Gibson, and Martin Pay Tribute to Eric Clapton

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Fender Eric Clapton Brownie Stratocaster

How to Pay Tribute to a Guitar Legend

Eric Clapton hasn’t been in the news enough what with the impending release of his enthusiastically anticipated Old Sock cover album, the huge world tour he’ll be embarking on shortly after, and the upcoming Crossroads guitar festival. Adding onto that C.F. Martin Guitars has presented not one, not two, but three new hand-crafted signature acoustic guitars that welcome guitarists everywhere to sample Clapton’s personally specified renditions of the 000-28 and two 000-45s.

Meanwhile Fender has displayed their love for Eric Clapton with a tribute guitar honoring his Brownie Stratocaster. The highly limited replica of one of his most iconic signature guitars shines with extensive detail from electronics to the alder catching a breath of air from the chipping sunburst finish. And because that wasn’t enough Gibson followed suit by designing a replica of Clapton’s Lucy Les Paul.

The Martin 000-28 and 000-45 Guitars

The signatures from Martin are crafted out of the finest woods known to man to give you the most satisfyingly exotic tone.


Martin Eric Clapton Acoustic
Martin Eric Clapton Acoustic

The 000-28EC is highly limited with only 75 guitars being produced for the United States and 75 for the rest of the world. Built out of Madagascan rosewood this guitar features snowflake inlays with Clapton’s signature inlaid between the 19th and 20th frets. The Crossroads symbol is inlaid in Mother of Pearl into the head plate and it’s decorated nicely with a grained ivoroid binding. The guitar is complemented by the hand-signed sound hole label and certificate of authenticity from both Chris Martin and Eric Clapton

The 000-28EC will be available for $5,999.99.


The 000-45EC comes in two different varieties. The first model is built out of Madagascan rosewood. 30 guitars will be produced for the United States while 25 will be produced for the rest of the globe. A lot of the specs from the 000-28EC remain unchanged including the signature inlay, the snowflake inlays, and the signatures. This model will fetch a price of $12,999.99.

The second 000-45EC is built out of Brazilian rosewood and is limited to 12 guitars in the USA and 6 for the rest of the world. It will run the customer $49.999.99. Beyond that it shares the exact same specs as the other 000-45.

The Fender Brownie Tribute

Fender Eric Clapton Brownie Stratocaster
Fender Eric Clapton Brownie Stratocaster

Limited to only 100 guitars globally the Brownie Tribute Stratocaster is hand-built and narrows its details right down to every detail regardless of how minute. From the faint scratches caused by shirts and arm hair to the dents and dings from bumping into things to the cigarette burns the Brownie Tribute is an exact model of the character that Clapton’s own guitar has acquired over decades of use.

This model features a traditional Strat build. Alder body with a maple neck and fretboard. It includes a DVD with an interview with Eric Clapton as he delves into his 45 years with the Stratocaster and his first impressions as he looks at the prototype of the Brownie Tribute. Also included is a Layla Box Set and a reproduction of his own “Derek and the Dominos” hardshell case. All of this can be yours for just $14,999.99.

The Gibson Lucy Les Paul

Gibson Eric Clapton Lucy Les Paul
Gibson Eric Clapton Lucy Les Paul

The last of these tributary guitars is the Lucy Les Paul. This model began as a 57 that was refinished as a 67 with a cherry red finish. It’s built out of mahogany with a maple top and a slim 50s mahogany neck. Included is a set of PAF humbuckers and a Bigsby vibrato. Also included is a DVD interviewing Clapton about his experiences with Les Paul guitars as well as his first contact with the Harrison-Clapton prototype, a remastered 180gm vinyl edition of the Beatles’ White Album, and a reproduction hardshell.

Limited to only 100 guitars this one can be yours for $14,999.99.


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