Fender Highway One Stratocaster HSS

Fender Highway One HSS Stratocaster

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Fender Highway One HSS Stratocaster
Fender Highway One HSS Stratocaster

Every now and then, Fender comes out with something that really looks cool. It’s a bit easy to get tired of the vanilla Stratocasters and Telecasters out there.

When confronted with the Highway One (like many of Fender’s HSS models), you can’t help but get a little excited about it.

This isn’t a new guitar – the Highway One has been around for quite awhile now, but I guess we are comparing this to a standard Strat, which has been around for a very long time.

The first thing obviously is the pickups – the HSS configuration.

The Atomicâ„¢ humbucker is the first thing you notice, both with your eyes and ears.

You’ll find that it is one of the hottest pickups Fender offers, both for your rhythm and lead work.

The single coils are Alnico 3 which are pretty hot themselves.

One cool thing about the H-S-S config is that you get a really unique and memorable sound when you are using the bridge and middle pickups together. Especially clean, and especially on a Strat. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always loved this sound.

They’ve given you that big CBS headstock, which visually balances out the guitar nicely.

You can get the Fender Highway One for just under $700, which is one of the best prices you’re going to get for a USA made Strat. It looks great, feels great and sounds great!



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