Finally! Fender Offers Replacement Guitar Necks And Bodies

Fender Replacement Neck - Stratocaster

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Good News: Fender is back in the neck and body business

I’ve had an old Jazz bass sitting around for years with a Mighty Mite Neck on it – and while the Mighty Mite stuff seems to be really decent quality (and certainly affordable), it just doesn’t look the same – and sorry Mighty Mite – it doesn’t feel the same.

Now, I just might be able to get that legendary Fender feel back on this old Jazz bass because they have announced that they are once again offering necks and bodies – and the prices look great!

It’s been hard to get a genuine Fender replacement neck since the early 2000’s when fender stopped offering them due to branding and fraud concerns. Back in the day the necks came in great velvety full length bags with draw strings – kind of like a Crown Royal bag.

Since then, it’s possible that economic concerns have trumped the other fraud and branding worries – because they’re back on the market.

And if you think about it – if finance is really the motivating factor here – it really is a great idea. Fender gets to skip the assembly process, which of course isn’t the most expensive part of the process, but it certainly leaves out a huge chunk of manual labor and adds to the bottom line.


The prices seem really competitive. In fact, if I were Warmoth or Mighty Mite (or any of the other aftermarket manufacturers) I might be a little worried right now.

Fender Replacement Neck - StratocasterFor example, the neck pictured to the left is a great looking Stratocaster replacement, and it’s going for a very cool $199.00.

This is roughly double what Mighty Mite is selling comparable necks for, but it’s roughly the same as the Warmoth equivalent – sans the mighty Fender logo.

The specs are not surprising – 21 medium jumbo frets, maple construction with a rosewood fingerboard and a “Modern C” shape.

This neck comes from the Mexico factory. You’ll pay $499 if you want the USA built neck.

Fender replacement body - telecasterIf you’re looking for a body, you’ll be paying between $169 and $449, depending on the exact model and factory origination.

On the right you’ll find a Telecaster body – it weighs in at $399 and it comes from the USA factory. It’s made of Alder and comes (in this case) with a beautiful two color sunburst. Everything is drilled out, routed, and ready to go, and this one comes with the “Micro-tilt” adjustment system – with the screw.


The USA necks and bodies come with a one year guarantee, which basically covers defects in material and workmanship.

Go check things out!

I think this was a pretty smart (and just plain killer) move by Fender – especially if you’re one of those people with a great Fender guitar or bass that needs a new neck, and you just haven’t been able to bring yourself to put an aftermarket one on there.

If you wanted to build yourself a USA Stratocaster for example, you’re looking at about $900 as your cheapest option – and you still don’t have any hardware or electronics. Once you built the whole thing, you would have paid more than just purchasing one outright, which is why I think Fender has done a perfect job on the pricing. They’re competing with the aftermarket companies head on, but they’re not going to kill their assembled guitar sales with this endeavor.

More information can be found right here, at Fender.



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Courtney Westbrook
Courtney Westbrook
2 years ago

I need a 24″ scale replacement neck for my Fender Offset Series Duosonic.

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