Fender SRV Number One replica Stratocaster

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There’s always been something about worn down guitars that have intrigued me.  From whence my eyes doth advert to these wonderous instruments my adventurous imagination does ponder what journeys this seemingly innocent, innocuous tools of the trade has seen.

Granted this one in particular was custom built to look naturally worn as it’s a model of Stevie Ray’s Number One guitar.  Heck, the guy went as far as to simulate the cracked headstock that Steve Ray’s had from a fabled time where he’d smacked his guitar into a speaker cab.

This guitar is modeled after the guitar Stevie Ray Vaughan dubbed Number One.  As it’s been told Vaughan acquired this guitar used in a music shop walking through simply looking at the guitars before having picked up that one in particular where the owner Ray Hennig exclaimed, “Stevie, you have got to have picked the biggest junker on the wall.”  That junker would soon become his personal favorite.

This guitar has been very accurately modeled after the original narrowed down to the cigarette burns.  The crack simulated in the headstock is not an actual crack, but an aesthetic touch up, so the reliability of the neck is in no danger.  The alder sunburst body came from a signature Eric Johnson Strat.  The neck is a traditional Strat neck made of maple with a rosewood fretboard on it.  The body comes has weathered “Custom” and “SRV” stickers much like the original and has a gold Fender tremolo.


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