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Fender Stratocaster
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Todays guitar of the day comes to us from Elderly Instruments, out of Lansing, Michigan.

First, I have to talk about Elderly Instruments. It was the place where I purchased my first “real” electric guitar, about … oh, I’d say 20 years ago now.

I remember walking in there with my folks and about having a panic attack when I saw all of the beautiful guitars hanging from the walls – hearing the plucking coming from 3 or 4 customers trying to find their new axe – and the staff all looked like rock stars to me – and needless to say, I felt a bit small.

Well, we got a really cool fellow to help us find the right guitar for me, something my parents could afford, that also met my “coolness” standards.

It was an Ibanez Les Paul copy, I can’t remember what we paid for it, but it was actually a pretty nice guitar.

The sales guy knew where I was. He looked at me and you could tell that he had seen a thousand people like me – 15 year olds walking in with their parents, and he immediately seemed to know what I wanted (rock star!) – and what my parents wanted (freaking cheap! He might not stick with it!), and found us a guitar that made us all feel like winners.

In the years that followed, I purchased several more guitars from them, always amazed at the selection and friendly sales staff.

Well, this isn’t an Elderly Instruments commercial, but that was my experience with this outfit! If you’re in Lansing, MI, go check them out.

Lets move on to the main attraction –  I’ll tell you what I can about our guitar of the day.

This caught my eye because of all the gold on the guitar. I am actually not sure I like it, since I tend to go for wood grains or matte finishes, but since we deal with unique guitars, this really seemed to fit the bill. Also, after yesterdays $25,000 guitar, I thought I should bring a little reality into the mix.

She was built in 2001 and is a reissue of the 1956 Strat.

You’ve got a maple neck, staggered pole American Vintage pickups, gold hardware, contour body, a case, and the quality you expect from a USA Strat.

Depending on condition and other factors, I’ve seen these go for almost double what Elderly is asking.

To me it seems like a deal!

Here is the link to the guitar at Elderly.

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