Fender’s Mustang Mini Amp – Punch In A Lunchbox Size Guitar Amp

Fender Mustang Mini Guitar Amp

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Fender Mustang Mini Guitar Amp
Fender Mustang Mini

Fender’s got a new little amp for us to show off to you, and it’s called the Mustang Mini.

Weighing in at seven and a quarter pounds with a six and a half inch speaker, and only 7 watts, she can pack a punch that’s reportedly enough to make it useful while jamming with others.

It pops out of the box with 8 amp models and 12 digital effects, which is a hell of a lot more than you get with most travel / practice amp. There are also 24 presets to work with – and if that’s not enough, you can download more effects and presets using Fender’s FUSE software and inject them right into the amp with the provided USB connection. There are also a few artist presets available.

There’s also a chromatic tuner on-board and a “tap” function for setting the rate on effects that require it – such as delay and modulation settings.

It will run off the included AC adaptor or 6 AA batteries, and the metal handle is for more than just carrying it around – it also allows you to prop the amp up monitor style for better volume and clarity.

With the carbon tweed look and feel like it’s big brother, the Mustang I, and all the above mentioned features, it looks like Fender has packed quite a bit into this little package, and the price is really not bad either, at around $125.

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