Fender’s New Competition Series Pedals

Fender Competition Series Effects Pedals

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Fender Announces New Competition Series Pedals

Fender Competition Series Effects Pedals
Fender Competition Series Effects Pedals

What would Winter NAMM time be without an update from Fender and what they have in store for everyone? As the 24th creeps up on us Fender’s recently announced Competition Series of effects pedals is soon to be among us, in plain sight. Waiting to consume us all and eventually rule the planet in our places.

The Competition Series will introduce to us all four new pedals entitled Drive, Distortion, Chorus, and Delay. Each pedal’s purpose is as self explanatory as the names respectively imply and are presented as the pinnacle of reliability and inspiration at a competitive price. So let’s not waste any more time. Effects are funner than introduction paragraphs.

The Competition Series Effects


Fender’s appropriately named Drive pedal turns the clocks back to the generations of the 60s and 70s and can push tubes with the best of them or it can be used to breathe new life into a solid state setup. Per Fender’s own description the Drive excels in offering a rich and harmonic overdrive. This pedal comes armed with a tone knob, a gain knob, and a volume level knob.

The Drive is advertised with an MSRP set at $89.99.


The Distortion pedal’s 70s and 80s style grit has the versatility to go from the subtle dirt from a driven tube to a thick and swampy distortion. With sustain that doesn’t know when to shut up it can complement just about any amp you throw at it without ever sacrificing dynamics. The Distortion features the traditional tone, volume, and distortion knobs, the volume which can be used as a secondary distortion control to give you more control over the clip saturation.

The Distortion is advertised with an MSRP set at $89.99.


Introducing the Chorus pedal Fender gives us the shimmer and silky sounds of the chorus effects that come stock on some of Fender’s amps. The Chorus’ wet and watery sound can be bent and parted by your own will with its depth, rate, and mix knobs allowing you to sculpt your tone along the path you most desire. While the Chorus is fully capable of supplying mono capabilities it’s built to go stereo when you want.

The Chorus is advertised with an MSRP set at $99.99.


Behold now the Fender Delay. The fourth installment of Fender’s Competition Series gives you the versatility for anything from a quick slap back up to the long and dominating echoes that could run the whole length of the song. By the powers of the repeat, delay, and mix knobs you can lock a tight rhythmic echo to synchronize with your melodies for cool harmonies or twist it until it’s off just enough to add a bit of depth. While Fender has also made it clear this is a guitar effect pedal, they’ve not shied away from marketing it for other instruments like bass, keyboards, and anything else that can plug in. And like the Chorus the Delay too has both mono and stereo capabilities.

The Delay is advertised with an MSRP set at $99.99.

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